Principal Contributors
Peter Ulrich: Founder, multi-instrumentalist , principal songwriter
Trebor Lloyd: Founder, producer and principal songwriter
Sara Wendt: Songwriter, lead and background vocals
David Steele: Lead and background vocals, guitar
Anne Husick: Principal songwriter, guitar

Featured Contributors
Jen Elliott, I.V.Webb: Lead vocals
David Patterson, Robert Watkins: guitars
Keve Wilson, Andrew Sterman: woodwinds
Wayne DuMaine, Michael Seltzer: brass
Kathy Sheppard: keyboards
Antar Goodwin: bass
Sharon Hawk: background vocals

Special thanks to Kingsley Sage for supporting U.K. tracking for The Painted Caravan and his musical contributions to "In This Or Other Skin" and "Love's Skeleton," to Marc Specter for supplemental UK production on "Hanging Man" and "Love's Skeleton," to Erin Sax Seymour of Hands Off My Sister for songwriting contributions to "Dark Lover," to Saskia Dommisse of Poets to Their Beloved for her musical contributions to "Children of the Rain," to Mike Grosshandler of The Velmas for his musical contributions to "The Desert," to Boo Reiners of Demolition String Band for his musical contributions to "Dark Lover," to Catherine O'Grady for her musical contributions to "Hanging Man" and a very special thanks to Wayne Dunton, Andrea Dovalle, Rachel Garniez and Roumel Reaux for their multiple musical contributions to the album as well as to Mark Christensen, Scott Lee and the crew at Engine Room Audio for studio magic. We also thank Lisa Tenzin-Dolma for her invaluable early advice and support and, last but not least Peter Muir of Market Square Records for helping make The Painted Caravan concept a reality.