The Painted Caravan Press Release

'The Painted Caravan' marks the evolution of Peter Ulrich's trademark sound and casts the net even wider than before, embracing the spirit of baroque pop, folk rock and global roots, to unique effect. A broad spectrum of musical collaborators play instruments ranging from dobro to oboe and everything in between, all of which are adorned by stunning guest vocals.

Mesmerizing grandeur, solemn beauty, intricate-craftsmanship and sonic depth are all traits deeply inherent within this album. The Painted Caravan is likely to appeal to fans of Richard and Linda Thompson, Smoke Fairies, Faun Fables, Beirut, Luminescent Orchestrii, PJ Harvey's quieter moments and, of course, Dead Can Dance.

Opening track 'In This Or Other Skin' sets the album's highly visual tone with militarypercussion, reverb-heavy mariachi brass, bagpipes and an atmosphere akin to Josh T Pearson's 'Sweetheart, I Ain't Your Christ' in its brooding sense of menace.

On the evocative 'Pureland', eerie Gregorian-style chants give way to sitars blending with an ancient British feel, providing an updated take on psych-folk, which is laden with charming harmonies and lyrics that echo Trembling Bells.

'The Secret Gardener' continues in a similar style but with heavier bass, reminiscent of Cocteau Twins and The Decemberists, whilst 'Dark Lover' is inspired by Eastern European and Balkan music, unusually combined with Patti Smith-esque vocals, that give it a punk rock edge.

The otherworldly and romantic 'Starship (Golden Eye)' is the tear jerking story of a space traveler searching for the love that he has left behind, and 'Children Of The Rain' features the soulful vocal ensemble of Ulrich, Jen Elliot, David Steele, Sara Wendt and Saskia Dommisse, from folk duo Poets To Their Beloved.

'Hanging Man' is a tale of love gone wrong, murder and vengeance; it's also a highly accomplished, rich addition to the canon of 20th century versions of traditional standards matching Fairport Convention's 'Matty Groves' as an engrossing yarn full of drama and tragedy.

Primarily recorded, mixed and mastered at the world-class studio Engine Room Audio in New York, The Painted Caravan's journey also took-in visits to Peter's home studio in London, Kingsley Sage's studio in Brighton and Saskia Dommisse's studio in the Netherlands.

The assortment of world instruments used includes Uilleann pipes, bagpipes, ocarina, Yuet ch'in, Mayan drum, Chinese and Turkish cymbals, Wagner tuba, Chinese wood drum and darabuka.

The Painted Caravan was originally a concept developed by Ulrich and Trebor 'Big T' Lloyd -the CEO of City Canyons Records. The Peter Ulrich Collaboration's principal contributors are Peter Ulrich, Trebor Lloyd, David Steele, Anne Husick and Sara Wendt (formerly of cult band,Homer Erotic). Full credits are listed in the CD inlay.

The multi-instrumentalist Peter Ulrich is world-renowned for his drums and percussion work in the iconic Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil, plus his acclaimed solo endeavours; his first record 'Pathways and Dawns' was once described as the album the Beatles might have made had they signed to 4AD instead of Capitol.

In 1983 Ulrich became a member of Dead Can Dance who then were signed to 4AD. He played on their eponymous debut album, the 'Garden Of The Arcane Delights' EP and albums 'Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun' and 'Spiritchaser', in addition to playing on both John Peel sessions and virtually all live shows from 1983 to 1990. He also contributed the track 'At First and Then'to This Mortal Coil's 'Filigree & Shadow' album, and made percussion contributions to recordings by 4AD label-mates Wolfgang Press and Pieter Nooten (Xymox) and Michael Brook.

Post Dead Can Dance, Ulrich tried his hand at solo albums and released the much-praised 'Pathways and Dawns' in 1999 and 'Enter The Mysterium' in 2005, as well as making contributions to Piano Magic's 2009 album 'Ovations' and a guest live appearance with Daemonia Nymphe in London in 2012.